The routes provided by this web-site will create an opportunity for you to visit places of interest in Georgia, architectural and historical monuments among them.
Each route description consists of 7-9 paragraphs and has different types of maps attached. In some cases the route may have tracks recorded by GPS- Global navigation System. The web-site offers detailed description of the roads leading to the monuments and it also explains condition of the roads. The information includes schedules of public transport too.
The routes are divided into three categories:

  1. Guided tours are possible by any type of motor transport, allowing visiting more monuments in a short period of time and they are not associated with hard physical work.
  2. Hiking tours are those where walking is needed. There are five sub-categories according to difficulty of the rout: the easiest, easy, medium, hard and the hardest. The Easiest and easy routs require the least physical work and are almost picnic tours. In Medium tours the physical work increases along the distance of the rout. As for the Hard and Hardest hiking tours, these require appropriate physical condition and good experience and mastered hiking skills.
  3. Combined tours include movement partly by transport and partly walking. There are some monuments that cannot be completely reached by transport; accordingly, the visitors will have to walk to see the monuments.

We wish you a pleasant trip and enjoyable holiday!